Pre-Op. Plastic Surgery SHOOT


My decision to have a bilateral mastectomy, as well as reconstruction at the same time, has been neither easy nor clear.  I have struggled with the surgical options available to me and what’s best in the big picture.  I have struggled with exactly when and what type of reconstruction to have.  Now, later, silicone, my own tissue?  I’ve discussed, read and had extra meetings with my surgeons.  I’ve weighed the pros and cons, cried the tears and wrestled with what I think is best for me long term versus what would be easier for me short term.  I’ve met other women making different choices:  bilateral mastectomy with no reconstruction, single mastectomy with reconstruction, lumpectomy…  We are all different.  I may write more on my options and decision making later.  Right now it’s a bit of a blur as I’ve made my decisions and need to move forward with them as I prepare for Monday.

Paige Stoyer photographed this pre-surgery consultation with my plastic surgeon Dr. Shannon O’Brien as part of her continued “The Real Thing” documentary series.  Shot Week 16 of chemo, Oct 29, 2013

Plastic Surgery Consultation
Plastic Surgery Consultation


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