Week 14 – Poem 7 by Ken Arnold

Poem 7 by Ken Arnold

They arrive, the chemo tears,

yours and mine,

summer rain in Autumn,


can’t stop them, don’t want them,

but oh for the release,

remembrance of those


days when tears meant

something, not this chemical

discharge, this effluent


waste, but when we were

ourselves, our bodies

overwhelmed by joy, by love,


what flew through us

hot sun and ocean,

another’s lovely body.


The tears recall us.

Let memory cleanse

the face of our return.


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Week 12 Poem 6 by Ken Arnold

Poem 6 by Ken Arnold


Gobsmacked by peacocks,

like a western sunset,

the flourishing of what’s


hidden. Who knew

those colors were there,

that the essence of everything


is fashion, the splendor

of feathers and purple

skin, diaphany


of the spheres: you

can hear her polyphonic

hues, and diaphonous


regard: she looks through

you and everything

you’ve carried, none of which


you need. Stop here,

as she has stopped, as time

has stopped, effusively.


Ken Arnold

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Week 1- Poem 1 by Ken Arnold

Week 1- Poem 1 by Ken Arnold

July 30, 2013

Wow, I cried when my good friend and poet, Ken Arnold, sent me this poem today.  He was inspired by the “Finding Beauty in Cancer” project to write what may become a collection of poetry.  I can think of nothing more personally rewarding than to see my creative friends take this project and run with it in their own way!    Ken and I originally met when he selected one of my travel photos from Greece as the cover photo for his book about his journey with prostate cancer, Circle of the Way.   I also created his author photo as well as photographed several of the authors under his publishing company.  In the process we become good friends.  Ken is a deeply spiritual man, a retired minister,  and we have had more than many amazing conversations about life, love and cancer over the years.  We both went through divorces around the same time and then Ken’s cancer relapse where I promised to be there with the Tibetan book of Living and Dying if need be.   His girlfriend’s was diagnosed with breast cancer treatment recently as well.  Now it’s my turn.  Amazing how life really does bring the right people into your life at the right time.



I wrote this poem, which is the first of what I imagine will be a series of poems, in response to Finding Beauty in Cancer.

with love



Finding Beauty in Kimberli


The body is the proper

home for cancer. It covets

beauty, our


improbable perfection,


we are only light


and empty spaces,

like the universe itself,

seductively spread


before us on a summer

night, the stars so

close and glittering,


the nebula like plates

of tomatoes in oil,

the planets in their


rounds: it’s all for us,

this fabulous array

that like our cancers


multiplies outrageously

because we’re beautiful,

because we live.


Oh, look! She’s nude,

sing the stars, Oh, look!

She’s nude, mourns the night.

Ken Arnold

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