Week 16. Hard Candy SHOOT

Shot week 14

Hard Candy. Part of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” sessions by

Photographer:  Raina Stinson./ Henna Tattoo Artist: Ana Warren / Makeup Artist: Justine Verigin / 1st Assistant: Alan Thornton /  2nd Assistant:  Constance Spurling  Videographer: Erik Schultz for Hooplaha

Hard Candy, the concept that we can play with sugar and spice and all the nice, easy breezy aspects of life in a photo shoot when the other part of life, cancer, is so hard.  It’s the flip side of what I’m actually going through.  This beautiful, joyful, pink shoot full of sugar and laughter is a break, a release, a reprieve from chemotherapy and how difficult parts of life are right now.   It is really what this project is about.  Finding beauty in something that doesn’t always feel or look beautiful.  It’s why we need support in funding a book and gallery show to share the work with a wider audience and inspire others.  Donate here.    Continued below…

Hard Candy
Hard Candy

When photographer Raina Stinson approached me about doing a shoot for the Finding Beauty in Cancer project and told me about her series called, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” I jumped on the opportunity.  I had recently purchased a piece of her work and wanted to meet her anyhow.  What perfect timing, I thought, and what a good opportunity to collaborate with her creative mind.  The session was both fun and exhausting.  It was shot the weekend before my last round of chemo.  I was as fatigued and low as I would be and had trouble sitting for the makeup and henna let alone the shoot.  I faked it until I was actually laughing and kept it going from there.  The team of creatives was amazing.  All of them helped me though, from keeping me supplied with water and snacks to putting my shoes on for me.  I was literally shaking from exhaustion after 4 hours, but happy to have done it.  Cancer is hard, and yet there are moments of pink, sugar and laughter in between.

9 thoughts on “Week 16. Hard Candy SHOOT”

  1. What great photos Kimberli. You are a delight, and I’m so glad I found your site. This was the weekend I lost my hair, and I ended up inviting my whole family over for a party. First my son-in-law gave me a mohawk (hilarious), and then my grandson and I made a “presto-chango”vine video where he pulled off my hair and we both looked shocked. I’d attach it for you, but I’m not techy enough to figure it out! Anyway, it ended up being fun instead of sad. You are an inspiration. Thank you! Hope you’re feeling better each day now that chemo is DONE!

    Love, Megan

    1. Thanks for the comments. Megan, I’m glad you found the site as well. Happy to hear you made a party of your hair loss. What a great way to do it! Fun instead of sad is great. There’s plenty of time and space for sad as well, what we need to create is fun when we can. I did not get the attachment but would love to see it. My hair is already starting to grow back- in the form of duck fuzz like a new baby. And it’s blond not red right now! Today is a tired day for some reason. Maybe I overdid it a bit this weekend. I’m so glad to be done with chemo but forget I’m still mending and need to take it easy for a couple weeks to heal for the surgery.

  2. You are so beautiful. Love the henna design! Wish you a full recovery. Thanks so much for your important part in getting this positive twist on a a difficult time in your life.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! So sweet and delightful! I love you so much. What a delight you are; what a gift to the world!

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