Letting Go of my breasts. Letting Go Project Octavia Hunter

Letting Go Project (from 2/25/14) photos by Octavia Hunter

I try to remember that life is Right Now.  Not tomorrow, but this moment, this interaction, this person I’m talking with.  These photos show me letting go of my breasts.  I had them amputated and reconstructed as a result of breast cancer this year.  It is the day before my final reconstruction surgery.  The process was incredibly painful both physically and emotionally.  My brain had not yet rewired itself to accept these new breast as part of my body.  I felt phantom pain.  The expanders under the muscles for reconstruction were causing severe swelling (Lymphedema) in my left hand.  My normal life had basically come to a halt as a result.  On this day I was completely exhausted after 4 months of chemo and going into my 5th surgery of the year.  The process of being photographed while being asked what would it mean to me to let go of my old breasts was an important step.  These new breasts cannot feel touch, and yet they are beautiful and now forever mine.  I feel no less of a woman.  Holding on to them meant I was not living in the present, Right Now.  I let go of them that day and will need to remind myself of that often.  Please help Octavia take this project international.  Match my $25 donation or more through her Kickstarter drive.   www.kickstarter.com/projects/lettinggoportraits/letting-go-portraits  Watch video of session including Kimberli

Letting Go Project.  Octavia Hunter
Letting Go Project. Octavia Hunter


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