Put on red lipstick & cop a feel!

Tomorrow I will have my 5th & hopefully final surgery.  11 months with a little beast called breast cancer.  What can you do for me?  First, put on your red lipstick, the one my grandma said would make you feel better.  It does.  Then put your hands on your boobs and squeeze.  Go ahead, cop a good feel!  Guys, ask your wives and girlfriends to do it, too. Volunteer to help.  Promise to do a breast exam today.  You know your peaches better than the doctor who sees you once a year.  Better than the mammogram that didn’t see mine.  Invite your officemates and neighbors, call your sister and mom.  Everybody touch your boobies today!

PS – post your red lipstick smiles on my FB page as well!  I want to wake up knowing you did it.


Feel yourself up!
Feel yourself up!

2 thoughts on “Put on red lipstick & cop a feel!”

  1. Kimberli, I am so proud of you, and so deeply touched by your blogs. I promise to do as you ask. I promise to pass this on. I love Octavia and her Letting Go Project, also…You are a lucky girl in red Lipstick ( your Granny was RIGHT!!!)….. This is a trick I often use… red Lipstick and a smile….sometimes, orange Lipstick..

    You are amazing, you are helping so many others, as is Octavia. Thank you for this. Stay strong, and keep us strong.

    we all owe it to ourselves and to Octavia for bringing a new kind of strength in Letting Go, into our lives. the depth of is project as it moves along, is mind boggling. I love it!!!

    I love that you asked others to match your gift to the project…I know that for Octavia, as the days of this month slip by, more and more have given, now her immediate circle of friends, has to move out and find at least one other friend to match their gift. In this tiny effort on each of our parts, will bring about a JOYFUL CONCLUSION….I just know it..I did that just the other day, I felt really GOOD, afterwards….and I will do it again…

    This is about Octavia, but also about you, and I love you and your story…all of the stories, actually. Bless you and stay strong, your story will inspire soooo many..

    Love those new Boobies and get to know them and accept them into your family of the parts that make you, you…They are yours now and very much your own, just as those you were born with were. “Letting Go”, what a powerful lesson. I am bold to say, you are very lucky to have been one of those chosen to have and to share a story such as this, may you heal, as never before. Bless you!!!! Kimberli, with all of my love and prayers, I am with you! deborah Greear…

    1. I somehow missed this post as I think it came during the worse part of the migraine I’ve now had for 5.5 months since having my ovaries removed. I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner. Thank you for the message. Yes, I adore Octavia as well and love the way she has connected so many of us through her Letting Go project. I’m glad that you found the blog and wrote. I wear my lipstick again tomorrow and thing of you!

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