Self Portraits, wk 29-30. Prior to final reconstruction

My treatment plan has been changed up completely due to new information.  I have my final reconstruction surgery in 5 days.  No radiation now.  Lymphedema still raging.  I’m very upset by new developments and still can’t do much writing due to left hand being in a huge Pillsbury Doughboy glove for lymphedma.  So frustrating!  I’m taking meditation classes, breathing, exercising, crying, laughing, spending time with family and letting it all sink in.  I will be SO happy to get these expanders out and hopefully be finished with reconstruction.  Perhaps the hand swelling will also go down.  Cross your fingers and make a toast to softer boobs and a normal size hand.


Self Portrait Wk29 SelfPortraitWk29-8

The scars are fading!

Self Portrait Wk30

4 thoughts on “Self Portraits, wk 29-30. Prior to final reconstruction”

  1. Thank you for this update. I have been worried and wondering how things were going. So glad the reconstruction will finally be completed. You will be beautiful as you already are. Sending my thoughts for the inflammation to disappear.

    1. Thank you LaVonne, I appreciate the thought and happy to know you’re still reading although I haven’t been writing much. Very hard with my fingers all wrapped up. Yes, hopefully that will get better after the expander exchange surgery on Weds.,although I’ve only found one Dr, my original surgeon, who has seen that or thinks it may help. Cross your fingers.

  2. We continue to send you our thoughts and well wishes. My mom and I talk about you often, every week hoping all is going well, or at least progressing. I wish there was something that could make this whole process go quick, but it seems like it just is what it is and for that I am so very sorry. Please know, YOU ARE MY HERO! and I AM IN AWE OF YOUR BRAVERY every single day.

    1. Kari, thank you for your continued support. It’s been a really rough month and I’m happy people are still reading and sending good thoughts my way. I’m very grateful and feeling stronger today.

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