The saga continues & writing will resume

I am currently going through all the writing I’ve done over the past six months of treatment.  I have to type (I could not type for a couple months due to lymphedema swelling my hand) everything and add the perspective of time, experience and new information to all of those journal entries and notes.  Although treatments have continued ongoing since the main surgery in November, I first was too exhausted to write then, in too much pain, then lymphedema, then more surgery, then a change of treatment entirely.  I’ve needed to focus on recovery and processing before I had enough energy and perspective to take what I’ve learned and hopefully make it constructive and useful for anyone else.  I will go back through the last six months and write openly and honestly about what has happened.  It may come out in small pieces and stories.  It may not be well organized in this blog.  Eventually the goal is to curate and edit everything into another website, a gallery show, perhaps a book and maybe even a talk.  For now, I’m writing and will begin posting. Tomorrow I have my 5th surgery in 11 months.  Hopefully it will be my final one, at least for now.  I feel good, I look better, I love my friends and family.  I am grateful for eyelashes and so many other things.

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