Week 2 – Finding Beauty Shoot: 4 haircut extravaganza!

July 25th, 9 days after 1st chemo treatment.

Finding Beauty -in cancer. Fabulous hair cut photo shoot! Let the recreation begin! Thank you to: Photography Michael Schoenholtzhttp://schoenholtzphotography.com/, Videography Lloyd Lemmermannhttp://www.lloydlemmermann.com/, Hair stylist Tamara Hansen of Oranjstudio www.oranjstudio.com Make up artistry by Kirstie Rall /Wrighthttp://kwmakeupartist.com/ Thank you for orange dress from YO VINTAGE!

This was simply an amazing night for me. Thank you to all the creatives and family that came together that night.  What could have been a really traumatic experience, of cutting off my hair before it all falls out the following week, became a joyful, beautiful evening celebrating and laughing with my friends.  I’m 5 days past this now, today is my next chemo treatment, and as predicted my pixie is beginning to fall out.  I cry and laugh as it comes away in my hands.  This is the part that scares me and it’s starting to happen now.  I hope I am able to experience it as an experience without adding too much to what it means about me or how the next few months will go.  I’m scared but hopeful and having the project helps me refocus my thoughts toward creation and fun.

4 thoughts on “Week 2 – Finding Beauty Shoot: 4 haircut extravaganza!”

  1. Hi,
    I love the hair cut series! Thanks for sharing. The new cut looks amazing.

    Love, hugs and healing wishes,

  2. Love both cuts!! You are gorgeous, no matter what:)! And, I must say, the shortest is my favorite!!

  3. I too was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2011 and I too am fairly young. I wish I had the courage that you do to share with everyone. I never had reconstructive surgery after so I don’t even like to look at the top portion of my body naked. I am totally lopsided but the good thing is other people can hardly tell as I have small breasts. Please keep us posted as so far you look wonderful!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your process with us as well. We all choose different paths and each of them are the right decisions for us. My mom did took the same one you did. It’s important to talk about the options so others understand that there are choices and good reasons for each of them. I’m glad you wrote. Kimberli

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