Week 8 – Kimberella SHOOT Behind the Scenes

Kimberella Shoot:  Behind the Scenes

Written 9/9/13  Original Shoot was 8/23/13

Kimberella Shoot:  Behind the scenes.  Finding Beauty in Cancer.
Kimberella Shoot: Behind the scenes. Finding Beauty in Cancer.

This early morning was full of laughter.  It’s true about it being the best medicine.  I was full of life and love during this session, although my energy faded and I was exhausted just an hour into it.  I couldn’t have chosen a better team of creatives.  Not only were they tremendously talented, each very accomplished in their own field, but they all were hilarious.  One funnier than the next and together an entire comedy show.  I was doubled over with laughter at several points.  “Stop moving, don’t smile, be still,” Kristen Arnett, our amazing make up artist and art director, would say as she applied my magical Cinderella make up.  “Make the boys go away then,” I would reply.  Tod and Dan would be sent to their corner of the woods to talk about spiders and spitting on fish so I would not crack up during make up.  Heather and Colleen would then start with their banter from the trees and crack me up again.  Beautiful, quiet Jessica would throw in a subtle punch line and make me lose it.  “Stop laughing, you’ll ruin the make up!”   Kristen was the most funny of all, however, and couldn’t help but throw in her two cents and I would nearly roll off the log that was my makeup stool.  I laughed and laughed until my energy was all used up before we even got to the stone castle and the photo shoot.  I then shivered as my hat came off and the shoot went on, trying to stay focused on the fun and not the fatigue, the joy of creating something beautiful and not the fact my legs were shaking from stepping up and down the stone steps as Cinderella ran from the ball to beat the stroke of midnight, wig in hand.  My friends caught me as I fell sideways while trying to do the running away down the pathway shots and held me up as I nearly fell over climbing the fence to enter the forbidden area where we shot the lying down sleeping final images.  I didn’t want to end the shoot or the morning with my friends, but my body was finished.  I would hope to relive that day and dream team at any point in my life.

On Set : Kristen Arnett KristenArnett.com Heather Binns http://www.heatherbinns.com Tod Foulk semperfashion.net Dan Ackerman http://ackermanfilms.com Colleen Sparks http://www.colleensparks.com/ Jessica Belknap http://jessicabelknap.com/

Contributors: Sophie Chang http://www.sophiebridals.com/ Vanessa Powell http://www.vanessapowellphotography.com/index2.php#/home/ Britta Aragon, CV Skinlabs www.cvskinlabs.com Brenda Kay Wigs http://www.bkhair.com/ Spartacus Leather

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