Week 9 – Poem 5 by Ken Arnold

Poem 5 by Ken Arnold

Update:  Ken is still recovering in a nursing home from MRSA virus.  Here’s his latest email and poem.  Thank you Ken.  We are all sending love your way.


Kimberli,  For some reason I’m writing poems in this institution. Poem #5 is below. I find out tomorrow if I can leave here soon and resume chemo. It’s funny to want chemo, but it would be better than being cooped up here. I hope you’re ok after your emergency fluids.

This poem was occasioned by how wonderful your eyes were in some recent photos. I hope you like it.

Sending you much love,



You have to love her eyes,

big gasping beauties

that can haunt you


over time, opened by

some ancient song of cele-

bration, as deep


as fairy tales,

easing out of the inner

dark the light. The light!


That’s what’s in her,

light. You can find her

in the dark, attenuated


as a long-gone memory,

gowned in white,

reverted to myth,


now pinned still

in the camera’s eye.

You’re almost afraid to look,


for she will see you

and see you and you will

fall into her story,


but your heart wants

to be her eyes,

to be seen, to see what she sees.


Because It’s Love is now available from Finishing Line Press:



“When late-life love and illness pounce and collide, they create a zone of tenderness, urgency, and fearless truthfulness. The work in Ken Arnold’s Because It’s Love is almost unbearably courageous, intense, and moving.”–Rachel Hadas, poet and author of The Golden Road, Ache of Appetite, and numerous other books of poetry and prose


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