Wk 4 – Finding Beauty Shoot: Bald Bride by Colleen Sparks & Sophie Chang

Week 4 Finding Beauty in Cancer.  Bald Bride 8/10/13   I think about other people who are bald from chemotherapy.  Young kids, especially girls.  I wonder what these girls hope for, think about their future, dream about when they are bald.  The concept of being a bald bride for the first “Finding Beauty in Cancer” bald shoot came from somewhere within those questions.  I’m not getting married.  There’s no groom, no ring, no hair.  I’ve never seen a photo of a bald bride before.  I hope that little girls see these images and see themselves in it as well. See Photographer Colleen Sparks and Bridal Designer Sophie Chang info below. Sparks_Blog Collage690at72 Bridal gown designer, Sophie Chang http://www.sophiebridals.com/, is probably my favorite anywhere and she happens to live in Portland.  After registering for the Bridge Pedal on Saturday, I stopped by her shop in SW to pick up this gorgeous $3,500 gown.  When I contacted her about the project and concept for the shoot she was so excited and wanted to collaborate.  I’m so grateful!  I hope to use another one of her gowns for the Cinderella forest shoot! Photographer Colleen Sparks http://www.colleensparks.com/ and I met during a job interview at my studio.  I quickly saw that she was an amazing photographer on her own, and instead of becoming my assistant, we became fellow students and studied a month long contemporary glamor posing course by Sue Bryce http://suebryce.com/.  Not only did we learn how to make women look even more gorgeous in our studios, we became great friends.  I asked her to do this first bald shoot specifically because I trust her skills and heart.

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